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What We Do

Aerospace Education

We provide school-based aerospace education programs to participating schools. The aerospace education programs of HKALA equips our students with essential skills and knowledge to understand the Aerospace Industry. The program is divided into 3 different levels, designed for Form 1-6 students. 

Leadership and Professional Development

Leadership training / professional development courses provide both inter-personal skills and professional knowledge, preparing them for future careers.

Inter-personal skills include topics such as etiquette (including but not limited to dining/social etiquette) and communication/presentation skills.

Professional development courses include interview skills and technical/ business writing. In line with the spirit of HKALA, aerospace-related industry knowledge shall be incorporated to give students an early taste of potential future pathways.

With our pool of aviation professionals, HKALA would be able to offer career planning and mentorship programmes.

Character Building

Members of HKALA are expected to be self-disciplined, compassionate and willing to serve the society they live in. Respect, dignity, compliance are among values that need to be delivered via both formal/informal education since young.

Instead of conventional classroom-based lectures, we believe character building is best achieved through workshops, case studies, group discussions and presentations, facilitated by trained adult instructors and supported by professional trainers.

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