Aerospace Education Program

We provide tailor-made aerospace education programs to schools. 

Our aerospace education program consists of 3 different phases with a mix of lectures, tasks, workshops and visits:

The first phase mainly targets F1-F3 students, participants will acquire basic knowledge in aerodynamics and the aerospace industry. Some examples of the classes are:

- Introduction to the Aerospace Industry

- Engineering Workshop - Building a propeller 

- Leadership Tasks 

- Building Rockets 

- Doing a pre-flight check of an airplane and helicopters 

- Aerodynamics 101 

- Ethics in the Aerospace Industry

The second phase mainly targets F3-F5 Students who have completed the first phase. Participants will have more in-depth knowledge in aerospace and a greater focus on professional development. Some examples of the classes in the second phase are:

- Cockpit familiarization 

- Navigation and Map Reading 

- Engineering Workshop - Servicing Engines 

- Table Manner and Dress Codes 

- Presentation Skills

- Flight Simulation Training 

- Human Performance and Limitation 

- Discipline and Ethics in the Aerospace Industry

The third phase mainly targets F4-F6 students who have completed the first two phases. Participants will pick a specialized discipline in the Aerospace Industry as their focus of their full year program, there will be two main streams:

Pilot Training Program

Students interested in piloting or flying an airplane can choose this pilot training program. During the program, the Association will provide all ground courses equivalent to a the requirement of obtaining a Private Pilot License. We will provide intensive flight simulation training for students. Subject to availability, students can potentially have hands-on flight experience in a fixed wing training aircraft in Hong Kong. 

An optional Flight Training Program will be held during summer upon completion of the aforementioned pilot training program. We will arrange students to attend real flight training in a fixed wing aircraft in a flight school overseas, and to obtain a Solo Pilot Certificate.

Engineering Training Program

Students interested in engineering can choose the engineer training program. During the program, the Association will provide intensive training for students to gain exposure in aircraft engineering in the below areas:

- Structure of an aircraft engine

- Designing an airfoil 

- Designing an airplane 

- Servicing an airplane

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