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Our Program

Our organization mainly provides aviation and space education programs for primary and secondary schools, as well as other non-profit/charitable organizations. Currently, our main programs include:


"Wings of Tomorrow"
This project is mainly based in secondary schools and consisting three stages:
Basic - for students in Form 1 to Form 3
Intermediate - for students in Form 3 to Form 4
Advanced - for students in Form 4 to Form 5
The aim of the project is to use aviation and aerospace as a starting point, and through STEM education, to enhance students' scientific, technological, linguistic, and mathematical abilities and interests. The project also aims to provide education and career planning for students, allowing them to learn about the various job positions and career development opportunities related to the aerospace and aviation industry as early as possible.

"Aerospace Pioneering Program"
This program mainly provides aerospace pioneering programs for primary school students, targeting students in Primary 5 to Primary 6. The program aims to cultivate primary school students' interest in aviation and aerospace through activity-based teaching, allowing them to learn about space science, enhance their curiosity about aerospace technology, and understand the history and development of national aerospace. The program will develop curricula based on the different needs of each primary school.

"Service-Learning Program"
This program mainly collaborates with the Department of Aviation Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where university students teach aviation knowledge to secondary school students every academic year.

Short-term courses for regional and youth organizations
Our organization can develop short-term courses on aviation and aerospace for students in regional or youth organizations. Past participating organizations include the Junior Police Call, the Kowloon City District Office, and the Hong Kong Youth Association, among others.


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